Battle of the Kids’ Books

2010 Battle of the Kids Books.

Are you following the Battle of the Kids’ BooksSchool Library Journal has put together a really fun Thunderdome-like tournament (with some really adorable graphics) for 16 of the most critically-acclaimed books of 2009.  A panel of highly-esteemed judges, including Candace Fleming, Anita Silvey, and M.T. Anderson, will each determine the winners of 14 matches over 3 rounds.  The final winner will be announced on April 5th.

The competition is pretty fierce, and I love reading reviews of children’s and YA books by real pros in the industry.  Plus, the reactions in the comments section are just as fun to read as the judging itself!  This is certainly a tournament to watch.

The heated action unfolds at the Battle’s official website.  Who are you rooting for?