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Happy Thanksgiving!

I finally found the Garfield Thanksgiving Special I always loved as a kid. If you're not already in a food coma, please enjoy:

Travel safely today, everyone!


Forgotten Files: Yarn Chalk Drawing

Frequent moves as a child and a natural aversion to hoarding led me to regularly cull my collection of artwork over the years. I tend to only keep the stuff that I really like or that holds the fondest memories. As this New York Times article attests, kids produce a ton of artwork in school these days and if not kept in check, it’ll soon be more than any parent (or grown-up artist) can handle.

Yarn chalk drawing by Christina Rodriguez, circa 1988

This special mixed media piece of mine has fortunately survived the last two decades. It was created sometime in 1988 or 1989 and was featured in an art exhibit in Colorado. This was art that triggered, for the first time, that immense feeling of satisfaction when everything is going the way I want, when hours can fly by but I’m so happily occupied that I don’t even notice. It’s a feeling I strive for whenever I’m creating something.

Christina Rodriguez, age 7

I scanned this artwork for my digital archive so that a facsimile exists even if something happens to the original. Additionally, as I was illustrating the forthcoming Adelita and the Veggie Cousins, I found a great opportunity to let this piece live on in printed form:

Adelita and the Calabacita Cousins illustration

You can see the artwork in the hallway, just behind Adelita’s head in the upper left corner of the illustration.

I can sympathize with parents today who have more children’s artwork than they can store, but it’s important to maintain some kind of archive for the young artist. These days it’s easy enough to scan everything but only physically store the most treasured pieces. You never know what will become of it!


Forgotten Files: Back to School

Who's Who in 1st Grade by Christina Rodriguez.

In honor of all the kids going back to school today, I wanted to show the “Who’s Who in First Grade” worksheet that I filled out on my first day of 1st grade at Douglass Valley Elementary back in 1987. Two things of note: 1) I knew then that I wanted to be an artist, and 2) apparently I’m stuck in “girl” mode since I still love horses, the color red, and cherries. 

Here’s to another great school year!

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