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Disney's Paperman

Still image from Disney's Paperman animated short.

I hate you, Disney animators. Dang it, WHY do you have keep coming out with beautiful animation that tugs at my heart strings and is rendered with amazing new technology??!!! STOP MAKING ME FEEL THINGS!

Check out Disney's adorable new short, Paperman, and a behind-the-scenes peek at their new-fangled 3-D animation software below:

Thanks to Gaia Cornwall for the tip! Have a great weekend, everyone!


Saturday Morning Funimations

Saturday morning cartoons aren't what they used to be, but here's a compilation of some of some fun art and book-related short animations for your amusement. So go grab a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and meet me back here in your pajamas.

Have a great weekend!


The Artists

I think we've all been in this position before:

A little competition is a good thing - it can make you exceed your limits and drive you to become a better artist - just don't be a jerk while you're at it. Thanks to Elizabeth Dulemba for the tip!

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