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Paint Your Room with Colors From my Books

Sherwin-Williams has this fun online tool called Chip It! that instantly turns any picture into a sample palette using over 1,500 paint colors. I uploaded the covers from the dozen children's picture books I've illustrated and posted my favorites:

Neat, huh? Go to Chip It! to make your own palettes from Sherwin-Williams paint. Thanks to Elizabeth O. Dulemba for the tip!


Illustration Friday: Journey

Triangle Top illustration by Christina Rodriguez.

Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s submission for Illustration Friday comes from the children’s book Triangle Top: The Tale of a Troubled Tribe. It is an illustration from the end of the book, as the Trylican creatures finish one disastrous leg of their journey for food and now begin the next one. I always liked how the author left the story open for sequel, and wondered how the characters would evolve in a continuation of their journey.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Here’s hoping we don’t get any snow this weekend here in MN. Spring is being such a tease…


Illustration Friday: Double

Triangle Top illustration by Christina Rodriguez.

My submission for this week’s Illustration Friday is a design I made for the tasty Trumple, a fictitious fruit that sustains the Trylican characters of Triangle Top. Can you tell I love pears?

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