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The Cutest Library I’ve Ever Seen

Leave it to the British to come up with an idea this charming: a village in Somerset, England has recycled a traditional red phone booth into a tiny lending library. When faced with the loss of their phone booth and their mobile library shortly thereafter, the villagers rallied together to purchase the booth and stock the library themselves. Folks simply swap a new book, DVD, or CD for one they’ve already used, and it’s available at all times. Read the story on the BBC.

What a great idea! I’m wishing we had something this cute on my street. Kudos goes to the folks of Westbury-sub-Mendip for providing such an excellent service for their community.

Thanks to Barbara Vey for the tip!


Illustration Friday: Entangled

Triangle Top illustration by Christina Rodriguez.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was an untraditional feast this year, with swordfish and tuna steak instead of turkey. It was awesome. There were plenty of leftovers to take home, too, which makes me one happy illustrator.

For Illustration Friday this week I’m submitting a piece from Triangle Top. Members of the Trylican herd are mute, deaf, blind, or a combination of the three, making navigation a cooperative effort. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work well! In this image, an attempt to steer the herd away from a cliff proves futile and “…in no time, the tribe trampled together in a tremendous entanglement.”

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, everybody!


Illustration Friday: Music

Mayte and the Bogeyman illustration by Christina Rodriguez.

This week’s Illustration Friday submission comes from the bilingual children’s book, Mayte and the Bogeyman / Mayte y el cuco. Mayte makes music on a slide whistle while Don Ricardo, the neighborhood blade sharpener, hones his craft. The story features several types of cart vendors in Puerto Rico, where they are quite common, including grocery vendors, a newspaper man, and “The Bogeyman” himself: the ice cream vendor.

I had initially gotten a few details wrong with the sketches (Mayte was wearing clothes too warm for that climate) and wanted to ask my publisher for a “research trip” down to Puerto Rico to “get all the details right.” However, I suspected that request wouldn’t fly so I didn’t push my luck. Oh well…

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