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Storm Codes

Title: Storm Codes
Author: Tracy Nelson Maurer, Illustrator: Christina Rodriguez
Publisher: Windward Publishing, July 2007

Storm Codes presents the sights and sounds of Great Lakes shipping in the late 1960s through seven-year-old Katy's story of hope and determination. As a fierce ice storm rips through northern Minnesota, Katy and her mother wait restlessly for her father's ship to return to their harbor in Duluth. Storm Codes vividly combines historically based illustrations with nautical terms and descriptions. Katy even creates her own secret code to help bring her father home safely.

Winner, Jeanette Fair Award 2009
Silver Award Winner, 2009 Mom’s Choice Awards
Honorable Mention, Children’s Book category, 2007 Northeastern MN Book Awards
Finalist, 2007 Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year
Midwest Favorite, 2007 Midwest Booksellers Association
Nominee, 2007 Minnesota Book Awards
2007 Top Six Pick of Children’s Gift Books, Hennepin County Library

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